Academy Locker is the end to end software solution that manages your academy by tracking its financial performance, understanding the productivity of your coaches and building strong relationships with your customers. You can customize (white label) the system including front end look and feel, as well as creating marketing and advertising campaigns. You also have control over your bespoke ‘Store’ which enables you maximize your revenue opportunities.


Manage your Coaches

Get the most out of your coaches and the return they offer the academy and club, by managing their schedules, income generation, retention and other key information. Academy Locker allows you to measure standards and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and gives you the ability to compare all your coaches with each other. Your coaches are the face of your club and are integral to increasing participation, so Academy Locker allows you to promote your coaches through setting up their ‘Public Profile’ pages.


Performance & Finances

Within Academy Locker your dashboard displays key information that allows you to understand your position on any given day. The advanced nature of the booking system eliminates data entry which means you can create specific reports at the touch of a button. Select your report criteria and then see the results instantly from lesson income or numbers through to student conversions from one programme to another. Reports are displayed using clear and concise diagrams and graphs making it easy to understand important information.


Program Management

Academy Locker gives you the option to either use pre-loaded programs or create your own set including One-to-One’s, Junior Academy, Adult Groups etc. You can set times, dates and prices for specific classes or lessons within each program. It allows your coaches to manage the progress of their students rewarding them with our innovative ‘Trophies’ for achieving their goals.


Marketing & Advertising Toolbox

Within Academy Locker you will have access to the Marketing & Advertising Toolbox which is pre-loaded with poster, leaflet and banner templates that can be amended by the local team; you can even create your own templates. These can easily be uploaded to a professional printer, be printed locally or form part of a electronic campaign.

A great way to generate extra revenue is to use the Advertising Toolbox to sell ad space to external companies or to promote any in-house campaigns.


Manage your Store

Academy Locker has a complete e-commerce Store built in, it is fully customisable enabling you to promote and sell not only lessons and packages but also merchandise of your choice. There is an integrated payment gateway making it easy to collect and manage revenue.


GLF. Payments

There are several options for taking payments through the platform, you can set it to 'Pay at Club' and organise your payments as you wish locally or you can offer the added convenience of taking credit and debit cards online through our payment gateway.  There is no set up fee or monthly subscription you pay as you use it with rates from 3.5% & $.35c per transaction (US only).